Thank you for deciding to help out with crane. Contributions are really appreciated. We are still in the early stages of building version 1.0 of crane and would love to get feedback and direction from others.

This document explains how to contribute changes to crane. Hopefully you will agree it's quite straight-forward.

Make a change in 5 simple steps

  1. Create an issue to talk about the change. Take a look at the waffle board to see what's going on and how the releases look.
  2. Fork crane

  3. clone crane git clone

  4. makes changes based off the develop branch and commit back to your crane repository

  5. Send us a pull request


  1. master is for releasing We don't accept pull request on the master branch. At the end of the current milestone a crane collaborator will merge develop into master. This initiates the master build to run on teamcity and a new package to get pushed to chocolatey

  2. develop We would love to receive pull requests on this branch. All tests must pass before merging into develop.

  3. feature-[short-name]-[issue-no] When working on features we tend to branch off develop into a feature branch and merge back into develop when that feature is complete and all the tests pass