usage: crane assemble <folder name>

Takes an existing solution found using the FolderName argument and assembles a build script.

example 1
crane assemble SallyFx

This creates a new build inside the SallyFx folder. The build scripts will be contained inside a build folder.

By default the build will perform the following steps

  • Patch assembly info - the assembly info of your assemblies with the version found in the version.txt
  • Build the solution
  • Run your tests (if they are xunit tests at the moment only xunit is supported)

Once you have the build you can invoke by running .\build

To setup in TeamCity:

  • Create a new build
  • Add one build step to invoke a powershell script and paste in the following: ".\build.ps1 -tasklist @("TeamCityBuildStep") -build_number %build.number% -teamcity_build"

That's it! You will now have a fully running CI build on TeamCity.